I love school, but when I was going to school, I sort of used it as an opportunity to figure out what I love to do.

Christa B Allen
Image of Author Christa B Allen

Agatha Christie
Image of Agatha Christie
Author Profession : Writer
Nationality : English
Date of Birth : September 15, 1890
Date of Death : January 12, 1976
Alain Badiou
Image of Alain Badiou
Author Profession : Philosopher
Nationality : French
Date of Birth : January 17, 1937
Date of Death : NA
Robert Z Dar
Image of Robert Z Dar
Author Profession : Actor
Nationality : American
Date of Birth : June 3, 1950
Date of Death : NA
Russell M Nelson
Image of Russell M Nelson
Author Profession : Clergyman
Nationality : American
Date of Birth : September 9, 1924
Date of Death : NA